The idea of WRITOR. was born in March 2020. The world was just getting used to the idea of a long drawn pandemic. It was like the siege of the Constantinople by the Ottomans. There is not an end in sight but like all sieges, one day, end it will.

Writor - Dev Raj Singh

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dev Raj Singh. While growing up, whenever we had a guest over, my father used to love telling a story about the time I was born. It goes something like this.

My father was informed about my mother being in labour while he was at work. He arrived at the hospital when the nurses finished cleaning me up. According to my father, he heard me chuckle while getting dressed by the nurses before he saw me. And when he did, I got conscious. I made a serious face, looked at him and nodded with my raised eyebrows as if to say, ‘Hey Dad, Nice timing!’. The guests gawked at me and giggled every time, unfailingly.

Even with my childhood scarred with this story, I managed to take something positive out of it. My love for storytelling. If one little story could entertain the guests and simultaneously embarrass me for a good part of my childhood, imagining the emotional rollercoaster that could be woven with words fascinated me. During those early school exercises when the teacher asked the all-important question, ‘What do you want to become in life?‘, I always responded with certainty. I wanted to become a Storyteller/Writer.

The future unfolded in a far less dramatic way. I started as an IT engineer in 2007 and a marketing consultant in 2013. For the next 4 years, I found ways to combine my love for storytelling with my job as a marketer by creating engaging communication for my clients. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating personalities around a brand. From Ecommerce stores to lifestyle brands, from website content to social media engagements, we did it all.

Storytelling is at the heart of what I always do. For me, it has been a non-negotiable endeavour for a while now. I love writing about writing, travelling, creativity, history, personal growth/self-improvement and freelancing.

“Storytelling is the greatest technology that humans have ever created.” — Jon Westenberg

With an MBA in marketing and over 6 years in Consulting and Advertising, I aim to help businesses develop an engaging personality through an entertaining story-based content strategy (Web Content, Blogs, Articles, Brand DNA) that connects with the audience.

Beyond this, my vision for WRITOR. is for it to become a breeding ground for Writepreneurs. To create a platform that could assist Creative writers bloggers, freelancers and copywriters, take the leap and start making a living doing what they love. To be able to encourage those who want to express themselves through words and hone their craft with actionable, well-researched ideas.

But above all, it is time to experiment with the idea of sharing knowledge, for sharing is Nature’s way to grant us fulfilment. With learnings from history, travels and personal growth, it is time to spread ideas, thoughts and our dreams that uplift others to a better place. Inside and Out.

Do check out my ‘Work With Me‘ page to see what I can do for your business.

I appreciate the time you took reading this page and I hope to connect with you and know your story. See you around, Writepreneur!

Your Content Expert,